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Ascended Master energy transmission cards

Drawing an Ascended Master Card is inspirational!

Ascended masters help you with your questions. There are several ways to communicate with them. One way is to draw an ascended master card.

I have developed my own cards with Ascended Masters energy. These help you tune into the energy of the Ascended Masters. It’s not just about the message, but also what the energy does to you.

Tip: Have a question in mind beforehand, or just draw a general card.
Click on the card to turn it over. You will find the description below the map.

How to use the card energetically?

Look at the card for one minute and close your eyes. Ask the Ascended Masters to support you and let the energy flow for 5 – 10 minutes in meditation.

This card has specific energy to restore cell structures. Deep emotions/traumas are healed on a cellular level. The energy is timeless and goes back to the origin of ‘our’ cosmos. This card is very suitable for charging water. Place a glass of drinking water on the symbol (25 minutes) and let the healing energy flow from the drinking water (maximum 1 glass per day).

Text and image Copyright © Mathijs van der Beek

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